Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy People
Lush Gardening Services isn’t just another rubber stamped lawn mowing and pruning service, we care about your gardening results and getting rid of those chemical induced garden problems for you.
Gardening Maintenance
Garden Maintenance
Everyone deserves their own piece of paradise at home. Lush Gardening Services free up your time to enjoy your environment with family and friends.

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Soil Improvement
Soil Improvement
Soil Improvement for a healthy and hassle free garden you’ve always dreamed of.  

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Many people choose to grow their own veggies in order to improve family health, eat fresh, save on the grocery bill, and be free from the mass market chemicals.  

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Your Healthy Gardening Services:
  • Adelaide's only Chemical and Poison FREE gardening services.
  • Organic, minerally balanced fertiliser for full spectrum of essential macro and micro minerals for your garden.
  • Preservative free kelp and fish emulsion for sustainable gardens.
  • We treat your garden like it's our own.
Our focus is Health Soil because we know that is where gardening success or failure begins.

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