Lush Gardening Services isn’t just another rubber stamped lawn mowing and pruning service, we care about gardening results and getting rid of those chemical induced garden problems for you.

Hello, I am David the owner of Lush Gardening Services.  I have been growing plants since the age of 8.

I grew up watching my grandfather grow wonderfully fragrant and super tasty veggies in his back yard and I can still see his dark and earthy smelling soil full of worms.  My grandmother always had sprouts growing on the kitchen window sill and the meals she made us came from fresh food straight out of their garden.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

As I grew up I followed the generally accepted gardening advice I saw on TV, and I read lots of gardening magazines which told me the same information

As a result I ran into the standard gardening problems, but I persisted. I believed that the problems I had with pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies were just par for the course, despite following all the common advice.

It was through my passion for bonsai that I discovered gardening with microbes.

My bonsai teacher introduced me to a new fertiliser, containing several species of good soil microbes, and after applying this new stuff my bonsai results took off. Even though I followed all the advice given in all the good bonsai books and magazines I’d never seen anything this good.

From that moment I was hooked; I started to look for books on the topic but there were literally no books I could buy at the local book store or online at the time.

So I started looking for anything I could find about the topic online. I found several resources online and some forums which had members who spoke about their results and what they’d learned and I slowly started applying what I was learning.

During my research I learned that good soil isn’t made from just adding more compost!

We learned that having an excess of any one mineral in the soil can actually lead to plant deficiencies of many other minerals. So we learned that adding too much NPK fertiliser can actually lead to plant health problems and weaker plants, not healthier ones.

We also discovered that chemical fertilisers were actually harming my plants and killing my soil which locked me into a chemical fertiliser and pesticide merry-go-round.

Each time we applied more of the things we enhanced our knowledge about our gardening results. We started seeing less and less “problems” with our plants, and veggies started to taste and smell better than we believed was possible.

We don't buy the NPK fertiliser from the nursery and we only purchase properly balanced natural fertilisers and we apply good soil microbes and my results are spectacular, even my weeds look stunning now!

My goals are to ensure your garden is looking it’s best, and giving you the most joy for the least amount of your time and effort. We do this by bringing our knowledge of creating true living healthy soil through mineral balancing and using beneficial microbes minus the chemicals.

Amazing results really are possible without using chemical fertilisers, and poisonous pesticides.

As a result of what we’ve learned about microbes and soil our business mantra is:

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy People.

We are very passionate about helping people grow nutrient rich foods for their health and vitality

Soil without life will never produce healthy plants. Without eating healthy, nutrient rich plant foods we will never be truly healthy. We must stop sterilising our soil with chemical fertilisers and pesticide sprays, and start reintroducing microbes before we can expect the best results in the garden, this is why we don’t like to use chemicals.

We take pride in producing the best results in your garden using my knowledge about soil microbes and creating a mineral balanced soil so your plants perform the best they can.