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Bokashi Composting & it’s Amazing Benefits

posted 14 Sept 2016, 21:37 by David Banks   [ updated 18 Sept 2016, 19:19 ]
This issue is about the wonderful benefits of using microbes in your home garden and how it will make a huge difference to your gardening results including crop yield, taste, and pest/ disease treatment or elimination among other benefits.

Good microbes in the soil are responsible for making nutrients available to plants and are essential for creating truly healthy, living soil.

Without them plants have a very difficult time because the bad microbes grow in large numbers and can kill plants and make us sick.

Good microbes protect plants creating healthy, pest and disease resistant plants which are then capable of more than you can imagine.

Well lets get onto the easiest method of introducing good microbes to your garden which is Bokashi composting.

So what is Bokashi?

Bokashi is a combination of several different types of good microbes which, when combined, do some truly wonderful things in the soil.

If you’ve ever purchased a probiotic drink like Yakult or eaten yogurt then you’ll be familiar with the name of one of the types of microbes found in Bokashi: Lactobacillus.

There are also yeasts (found in bread, beer and wine making etc), and the last type we’ll mention here are called Purple Non-sulfured Bacteria (PNSB for short) which are found in water ways all over the world.

When combined these microbes do some very amazing things with food waste, sewage treatment, they control or eliminate bad smells, breakdown pollutants (including bad chemicals), and many other things.

So how is Bokashi used in the home and garden?

Firstly lets discuss what bokashi does and what it can compost, and then we’ll follow it up with where you can apply it in the home.

The microbes in Bokashi help by fermenting (or digesting) all organic material and they prevent the growth of the bad microbes responsible for rot and bad smells.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the traditional method of building a compost pile with organic garden and kitchen waste. A good compost pile must be turned regularly, the correct ratio of greens to browns must be used, along with the correct amount of water.

No meat, citrus or onion should be placed in the compost pile to prevent bad smells and rot, along with attracting rodents and other pests, but with Bokashi anything goes!

You can compost bones, fat (not too much), dairy, citrus, in fact anything which was once living can be composted safely, without bad smells or rot and it will not attract rodents or pests.

The whole process takes place in a closed system such as a bucket with lid, and actually has a pleasant apple cider vinegar smell to it.

The process is without oxygen so it doesn’t need constant turning, you don’t need to worry about getting the correct brown to green ratio making it almost zero effort and it only needs the amount of moisture found in the waste materials you place in the bin so no watering is required.

All of the nutrients remain, and so do all the enzymes, amino acids, and other goodies found in the materials being composted which adds a huge boost to your garden plants health and yield.

The good microbes found in Bokashi out compete (kill off) the bad microbes which are responsible for rot and bad smells.

Because of this Bokashi can be added to pet litter trays, the wheelie bin, piles of animal manure, smelly ponds, the chicken coop, septic tanks, etc etc, to get rid of those bad smells by killing off the bad (pathogenic) microbes.

In liquid form I use it to clean and sterilise the kitchen bench and it leaves a pleasant smell and kills the bad microbes.

This is a very short description of what Bokashi is, how it works and what it does along with some of the benefits in the home.

We hope you are encouraged to give it a try, and if you do I can promise you that you will not regret it.

We use it to compost all of my kitchen scraps, clean my kitchen surfaces, I treat the septic tank and the wheelie bin to get rid of the nasty smells and most importantly I use it to feed my soil.

We are always amazed at how much my plants love their feed of Bokashi composted food.

If you have a worm bin at home the worms go crazy for it, just sprinkle a little over your food scraps and watch your worms go crazy for it.

If you have a dog you will need to find a way of preventing it from getting to your garden bed for a week or two until the food waste has fully broken down because they just love the stuff.

The microbes in Bokashi are wonderful probiotics and animals love it, including dogs, chickens, horses, in fact all livestock benefit greatly from a feed of Bokashi and actively seek it out.

The microbes help the animals absorb the nutrients in their food and because they’re getting the maximum benefit from their food you end up needing to feed them less which is also a cost saving to you.

If you throw a hand full of Bokashi grain in your chicken coop you get several bonuses, it helps kill off the bad microbes responsible for the bad smell, and infections and helps them get maximum benefit from their usual food, plus their eggs get larger and tastier!

Healthy animals and plants are capable of producing better quality food, with higher yields and far better taste because they’re getting better nutrition.

Bokashi is such a wonderful range of benefits to the home and the garden, everyone should be using it.

It’s very easy to find either online, or in your local garden centre, plus it’s cheap and super easy to use.

We love to hear from you if you’ve read this post and chosen to try it. Please share your results and the benefits you get from using it with everyone else and help spread the good word.

Good growing.